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Case Study


Roll out of anti-sexual harassment policy, Dec 2013 – Apr 2015


PepsiCo India


Design of campaign ‘Mind Bugs’, to focus on the biases we all have. Execution was kick-started by a nukkad natak in the local language. This was followed by interactive sessions between company associates, and legal team and HR, moderated by Be.artsy. Short video on the rollout for showcasing the rollout to other PepsiCo offices was made.


14 locations, 9 languages, over 8000 employees covered. “We have found a very innovative way to communicate with our employees on such a tough subject,” says the head of D&I, Pavitra Singh.

What next

PepsiCo is extending the program to other corporates.



Case Study


Promoting the ‘Freedom Card’ for financial inclusion of underprivileged people, Dec 2012 – Feb 2013


ITZ Cash Card Ltd


This was done in two projects, targeted at under-privileged people, youth and migrant labour, who do not normally have access to formal banking channels. Be.artsy trained performers from the target strata itself, to increase the connection with the audience and generate livelihoods as well.


172 nukkad natak were performed over 82 days in JJ clusters and other locations. “We have been looking for direct interaction with lower income strata of society and youth. Be.artsy has given us cost-effective solutions,” says the head of Marketing, Nitin Gupta.

What next

Be.artsy is soon to launch in-house programs on financial independence for women and youth, focussed on investor education, in association with BSE and SEBI.


Other Stakeholders

Case Study


Increasing awareness among target beneficiaries of TPDDL’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives. Jun 2014 – Mar 2015


Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd


The target areas were surveyed and found to have very low awareness of TPDDL’s CSR efforts. A campaign was designed, called ‘Haath Badata, Haath Bantata, Hamesha Aapka Saath Nibhata’ for TPDDL. Along with PR efforts by TPDDL, Be.artsy conducted nukkad nataks to create awareness of the various initiatives by TPDDL. A post-play survey was done, and the analysis of the results reported to TPDDL. These include high appreciation of the novel communication method, and a willingness to participate in the CSR projects.


200 nukkad natak were conducted in 217 JJ clusters in North and North- West Delhi. Almost 1000 people were surveyed in the post-play survey. 97% found the nukkad natak format entertaining and educational, and 95% said they would use the information and spread it further. Knowledge levels improved 11%.


Society at large

Case Study


Increasing awareness of mental health issues among youth, as part of International Youth Day 2014 celebrations. Jul – Aug 2014


UN Task Team on Youth (UNFPA and UNV, lead agencies), Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, and Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development.


Interest was developed among college and school youth in the Delhi-NCR region by Be.artsy, using posters, social media and an email campaign. Youth were invited to a day-long program, including a fun quiz, statement making by youth (read out to the dignitaries by young people), group discussion, nukkad natak, an expert panel discussion, and speeches by dignitaries. Thanks to innovative planning by Be.artsy, the audience was kept fully engaged at all times, and mixing of school and college teams resulted in ‘new friends’.


332 pre-registrations were received and 280 youth attended (81% vs a norm of 35-50%), against a target of 70. “I have never seen the students so involved in a group discussion,” said an impressed teacher from Laxman Public School. “The quiz was informative, and the humour in between was very good,” said an excited student from Maharaja Agrasen School.



Proven in Business, Government, UN agencies, Foundations, NGOs and Communities

  • Cause related marketing
  • Art-based awareness programs to address social causes
  • Volunteer4Volunteerism SM for youth, corporates, children and police
  • Art-based employee programs
  • Creative, art-based change management
  • Creative, art-based Employee Volunteering Programs
  • Robust tracking systems for results from Corporate Social Responsibility programs
  • Build and execute program communication for internal and external stakeholders
  • Partnerships and collaborations



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Shikha Mittal, Founder Director

A cross between a prophet and a drill sergeant, Shikha decided to toss corporate sales after 7 years, in favour of making art commercially viable so that people could be artsy. Enough clients are now so enchanted by street theatre and other art based solutions, that her startup social enterprise is growing exponentially since 2010, and has spread all over India. She says the best buzz is knowing that you changed someone's life for the better.

Arun Arora, Mentor

The oxygen of positivity and motivation is provided by Arun, who steers people to the most practical way of getting great things done. Awarded 'Power Brand Hall of Fame' - Most Dynamic Corporate Communication Professional – 2011 for his 3 decades in corporate communication, he can charm anyone into feeling better about themselves and the world. Even his official signature has a smiley in it.

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Mild-mannered Shilpa is the Peter Parker of infographics at Be.artsy. Whenever her spider-sense tingles, she leaps over tall buildings and spins a web of high art and design that grabs all viewers. Mostly, she is found juggling our icons and other images and somehow fitting all human endeavours into our company colours. Her working hours make perfect sense in the GMT timezone.

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